In Mecklenburg county, an average of one child enters foster care every day.

Foster care is meant to be a temporary situation.

THE GOAL: Re-unification with the child’s family of origin.

THE REALITY: This does not always happen as finding a permanent home can be challenging, especially for child 9+ years of age.

THE RESULT: Many children end up languishing in the foster care system for years and eventually age-out, which increases the likelihood that they will experience poor adult outcomes - including poor physical and mental health, substance abuse, unwanted pregnancy, and incarceration.

The challenge


Mecklenburg County receives 18,000 calls per year for suspicion of child abuse/neglect - only 70% are investigated.


Almost 600 children are in the foster care system in our county, yet there fewer than 60 families licensed with Mecklenburg county.


30% of the county’s foster youth are sent outside of the county because of the of lack of available local placement options - taking the youth away from all that is familiar.


Currently there are 45 “true orphans” waiting to be adopted in Meck. Co. - these are youth whose parental reunification efforts have been terminated.


In our county alone, there are 40+ youth who are projected to age out of foster care this year with no one to support them in their transition to adulthood, leaving them at a higher risk for negative outcomes.


*Statistics: 2018 Mecklenburg County Youth & Family Services

Mecklenburg County is in desperate need of families willing to open their homes to children with complex sets of needs.
— Mecklenburg County Youth & Family Services

There are 600 youth in foster care in Mecklenburg county & fewer than 60 county-licensed families.

Help us change the narrative & close the gap.

By partnering with the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services, CFK has a unique opportunity to recruit foster parents and host a MAPP (foster licensure) training class tailored to the faith community. CFK makes this process more accessible for families by providing meals and childcare during the 6-week course.

We cannot always prevent trauma, abuse, & neglect. But we can make sure that there are more than enough families waiting to offer safe and loving homes to our city’s vulnerable children.

NEXT STEP: Attend a foster parent orientation

Mecklenburg County residents (individuals and families) who and are interested in becoming licensed foster parents through CFK’s training program are required to attend a“no-commitment” orientation. Join us to hear from CFK staff as well as Mecklenburg County DSS staff to learn more about it means to be a foster parent and have a chance to ask questions!

upcoming foster parent orientations


September 5, 2019 | 729 E 36th Street

November 7, 2019 | 11011 Monroe Road


Why Foster?

Watch the story below of CFK’s Executive Director, Nicole Taylor, and her foster parent journey.

Foster care means choosing the pain of a great loss if it means that a child has received the gain of a great love.
— Nicole Taylor, Foster Mom


Do you know a foster family that you would like to help? Are you interested in starting a community within your church or business to offer wrap-around support to foster families you may already know?


CFK is helping to mobilize established communities – likely at churches or businesses – to wrap-around foster families in the community. If you are interested in starting or enhancing a wrap-around community within your organization, we would love to walk alongside you and provide wrap-around training for your group.

Wrap-around support can take many different forms. Our training helps to explain these forms of wrap-around care at a more detailed level as well as help give a picture of the types of things foster families encounter and give you a chance to get your questions answered.


Interested in hosting a wrap-around training?

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